Faculty » Ginger Cheng-Chi Hsü

Zhong Kui
"Zhong Kui"
woodblock print from Yangliuqing, Tlanjin
Qianlong period (1736-1795)

Associate Professor
Office: 227 Arts Building
Phone: (951) 827-4632
E-mail: ginger.hsu@ucr.edu

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

Areas of specialization: Later Chinese painting with special interest in such topics as: production and exchange of artwork, literati and popular culture, regions and networks in late imperial China.

Ginger Hsü is a historian of later Chinese art and culture. She publishes primarily in the area of Chinese painting. Some of her publications are: "Anhui Merchant Culture and Patronage" in James Cahill (ed.); Shadows of Mt. Huang (1981); Merchant Patronage of the Eighteen Century Yangchow Painting (1989); Zheng Xie's Price List: Paintings as a Source of Income in Yangzhou (1991); The Drunken Demon Queller (1996); and The Incarnations of the Blossoming Plum (1996).

Selected publications:


A Bushel of Pearls: Painting for Sale in Eighteenth-Century Yangchow, Stanford University Press, 2001


In Press: "Painting, Enlightenment, and Economics: Chin Nung and his Buddhist Paintings," Images in Exchange: Cultural Transactions in Chinese Pictorial Arts, Richard Vinograd, ed. University of California Press, Berkeley.

"He Shan's (1941-) Mural Works — An Interview," Contemporary Chinese Painter Series: He Shan. Beijing: People's Arts Publishing House, 2006

"Demise of a Hero: Pictorial Presentation of Chung K'uei since the eighteenth Century," The National Palace Museum Research Quarterly, 23:2 (Winter 2005), 129-159, 206

"Anhui Artists in Yangchou: A Case Study of Region and Network in Chinese Painting," Proceedings of the International Conference on "Region and Network: the Study of Chinese Art from the Last Millennium." Taipei: National Taiwan University, 2001, 403-427.

"Incarnations of the Blossoming Plum." Ars Orientalis XXVI (1996), 23-45

"The Drunken Demon Queller: Chung K'uei in Eighteenth-Century Chinese Painting." Taida Journal of Art History, No.3 (1996), 141-175

"Zheng Xie's Price List: Painting as a Source of Income in Yangzhou." In Chinese Painting under the Qianlong Emperor: The Symposium Papers in Two Volumes.
Phoebus 6/2 (1991): 261-271, 358-359

"Scholar, Artist, and Art Dealer: Jin Nong in Yangzhou." In The Eccentric Painters of Yangzhou, Vito Giacalone ed. (New York: China Institute in America, 1990), 23-27.

"Merchant Patronage of the Eighteenth Century Yangchow Painting." In Artists and Patrons: Some Economic and Social Aspects of Chinese Painting, Chu-tsing Li, ed. (Kansas/Seattle: University of Kansas/The Nelson -Atkins Museum of Art/University of Washington, 1989), 215-221

"Chu-chieh: A Problematic Painter in the Sixteenth Century." Parts I & II, The National Palace Museum Bulletin, 19/6 (1985): 1-13, 20/1 (1985): 1-13

"Anhui Merchant Culture and Patronage." In Shadows of Mt. Huang: Chinese Painting and Printing of the Anhui School, James Cahill, ed. (Berkeley: University Art
Museum, 1981) (Co-author with Sandi Chin) 19-24.

"Hongren." In Shadows of Mt. Huang: Chinese Painting and Printing of the Anhui School, James Cahill, ed. (Berkeley: University Art Museum, 1981).76-84


  • Center for Idea and Society Resident Fellowship, UC Riverside 1996-97, 2003-04
  • Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange: Book Publication 1999-00
  • Regents' Faculty Fellowhip/Facaulty Development Award 1997-98
  • UC Affirmative Action Career Development Award 1992-93, 1994-95
  • Award for Scholars in Chinese Studies, China Time Cultural Foundation 1987-88


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